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Although we give credit to Grandmaster Robert Trias, Grandmaster John Keehan and Grandmaster James A. Jones Jr. as pioneers who brought the art to our sector of society, our system is in no way a duplicate or transition of either master. The mention of their names simply gives you an idea as to the discipline factors, percision in training and the quality of techniques they brought to our system mearly in attitude and focus alone. Our system is quite different from all of the three mentioned masters yet is superior in application of fundamentals as the elements of voluntary damaging the body has been removed and replaced by mathmatical formulas and clinitic body conditioning. Brute force is now replaced by calculated angle of execution and emphasis on particular parts of the body as striking elements. The mental aspect the above masters brought to our system, which is designed by Shujin Master Peacock, is the coupling that holds the system intact as an ultimate personal security defensive tool.

We did not go further back into our lineage as it would play no important factor in what we do today in our system. However, their contribution to our system is considered most invaluable.

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