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Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System Kata Exercise Format

Defense Program
Defense is a mechanism designed to use an opponent or assailantís aggression against themselves. Defensive maneuvers are most effective when an attacker is allowed to make the first initial advancement toward you. At the end of each advancement there is a dwell period whereas your defensive tactics should be inserted to disable, stabilize, or immobilize an attacker. In todayís universe, mankind prefer to utilize tactics that are flashy in nature or the showboat exhibition in order to accomplish rendering the attacker inoperative. This type of defense approach is far from the traditional theories of karate as karate is never used to defend by embarrassing an opponent, but is only used to defend oneís self to a point whereas no advancement from an attacker is evident. Those taking this avenue of defense to embarrass their attacker is inviting future confrontation from the opponent to salvage their honor. Defensive fundamentals arenít based on fairness, size, height or weight. Defensive mechanisms and fundamentals are used to level the playing field because of ones size, height, weight or age to balance the aggression used by an attacker due to their size, height, weight, age or attitude. Some have gotten into a mental state that defense has to be developed based on size, weight and etc., when in fact, this is the real meaning of the specifics behind karate defense, unequal advantages. No one would attack anyone else if they felt they would get the beating of their life if they did. People only attack other people when they feel they have some level of advantage over the suspected victim. Techniques are designed to be effective and sufficient without respect to the makeup or statue of an attacker. Some karate schools only develop defenses based on the size of their partner and not on the scientific limitation of the human body. The fact that every human body has limits mechanically and mentally is the basis and the only basis in which karate defenses should be developed. This is why most anyone can effectively initiate and implement a successful defense against any opponent regardless of the defenderís size. Defense should not be based on strength but on leverages and balance. To formulate defensive strategies on strength is to place limits on the outcome of the defense. For example, if an opponent or and attacker is stronger than you, then a defense based on strength has already failed.

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