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Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System Demonstration Format

In demonstrating the uniqueness of your system, you need to have a team of Players capable of illustrating that uniqueness within the cutting edge of reality. Our Shogun Warrior demonstration is the best team of realistic demonstrations in the country. Their reality, invisions street scenes that are to no avail as real as the actual scenerio you would find on the street. Staring our franchise player Sensei Erica Ventress and the choreograph ability of Shihan Master Ted Love, takes defensive strategies designed by Shujin Master Peacock and Shihan Darrell Simms to a world of reality no other demonstration team could ever fantom of accomplishing. Why does it look so real, because it is. They actually hit each other with controlled technique that the visual concept of the action is astonishing. The control of the techniques are within micro inches of an actual hit you will find street side. Their timing and enginuety of each scene is practiced to a finite level of reality for the enjoyment of the spectator. Even when it's difficult to hear the dialog, the acting and over tone of the scene visually describes what's occurring. Take a look at our videos and see for yourself how unique the timing and realistic movements are articulated to provide the ultimate reality of demonstrating the power of the Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System.

Whether the demonstration be that of self defense, weaponry, or fight scenes, you don't want to miss one of our demonstations as displayed by the "Shogun Warrior Demonstration Team". They are formally displayed at our two national tournament championships, The Traditional Warrior Championships and First Strike Championships. You have to be there to believe your eyes. We are always looking for more talent for those who would like to be a part of our demo team. If that someone is you, then please don't hesitate to register for an audition for the part of a player.

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