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Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System Exercise Format

Exercise probably the single most critical form of karate training you can participate in. Everything involved in karate is some form of exercising. Your punches, kicks, control techniques, self defense, sparring, and etc. all are forms of exercising. Each one challenges the body, its muscles and your mind in different ways and levels, but they all have that one attribute that is prominent and that is they exercise you. Many enroll into karate for the simple reason they want to obtain some sort of fighting skill, and in reality every since your were 2 years old you already had an instinctive fighting skill. Karate is designed through these various exercises for the practitioner to overcome combat without the engagement of a fight. A fight is defined as an exchange of blows between one or more entities. Who wants to engage in exchanging blows with another person or entity. Therefore, karate is designed to eliminate the exchanging of blows when engaged in combat. That's why it is required to consistently work on every part of the body and mind to reduce the element of engagement. Your primary goal is to make your self some sort of super human with profound skills. This is where the discipline becomes critical to mastering the art. If you can't overcome your own body and mind then it will be very difficult to overcome that of another. Our exercises takes us into several atmospheres of engagement similations both inside the dojo and outside the dojo, and into challenging landscapes or water. Combat then becomes only a small portion of the skills you will need to learn in order to stabilize your personal defensive skills in various atmospheric conditions.

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