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1. It was founded by Shujin Master Peacock in 1987 when he was attacked by an individual on the Westside of Chicago. The battle lasted for several minutes and drew a crowd of neighborhood onlookers. Master Peacock's arm began to wear down from blocking the attackers blows until he remembered his studies in engineering on body mechanics and attacked the assailant in areas which would demobilize his movements. The battle ended in seconds after the initiation of the specific defensive blows Master Peacock executed. He then went back home and documented what he had done and devised a complete system from the results along with his wife Shihan Master Essie Calvert.

2. It's different because the concept of the system is based on not attempting to out fight your opponent by using your martial arts skills, but to use your martial arts skills to prevent the attacker from acquiring the necessary movements necessary to fight. It's primary a reverse engineering methodology.

3. Click on the menu button above for "Schools" and a list of schools will be described that teaches the USGKS. A fact to remember about our schools is that we've designed our organization in such a manner that you will get the same educational information in any of our schools. They all use the same training manual as written by our Grandmaster Shujin Peacock and all students are thoroughly tested using the same testing methodology.

4. Most of our schools are equipped to train individuals aging from 4 years of age to 75 years of age. However, call the specific school of your interest to see if a program for your age still exist. Some of our programs are primarily controlled by outside officials such as the park district, private health services, and etc. These establishments may or may not accept certain ages at their facility due to insurance limits or liability policies.

5. That depends on whether the school you come from is within our system or not. If it is, then you may keep your rank, but if you're from another school that is outside our system then you must pass our standard test for the rank you presently have that was issued to you from the school you previously trained. We keep track of our student's rank whether it be kyu rank of black belt. Therefore if you are from our system then all of our schools will see your rank on our kyu rank page. Simply click on the menu above "Kyu Ranks" then go to the page where your rank is documented. If the documented rank on our page is incorrect, then you must bring in your certificate of rank to validate your belt and rank. If you are a black belt then click on the above menu "Instructors" and your name should be listed on that page. If not, then you must bring in your certificate of yudansha.

6. Yes, our students travel the country competing in tournaments. We also compete locally and have frequent intra-school tournament championships where students that are within our system compete against each other.

7. The organization is run by Shihan Master Kenneth Young who is the new President that was appointed in 2014.

8. You have to take and pass an exam that is related to the rank you desire or can qualify for. The exam is an oral and physical test at first, then as you advance, you will have to take and pass several written test that have been established to acquire certain advanced ranks.

9. No. As said before our schools are not all privately owned and managed. Some of our programs are housed in park district locations,YMCA's,Health facilities and etc. and therefore are required to run the program based on the policies of the establishment that the program is run out of. Some of the plans and pricing are documented on this site, but others might require you call or visit the establishment to acquire accurate pricing on their programs. Some programs vary in class time limits which will also affect your cost.

10. Not in all cases. If they were divided all the time then we would have no reason to teach karate. Karate is designed to level the playing field when the odds are not at all equal. Therefore, we have to train the student to face their fear of dealing with unrealistic odds. No one will attack your child unless they feel they have the advantage in some way. No one will attack another person if they felt they are going to receive the beating of their life. That's why they choose to bully or attack whom they feel will be a easier target to manipulate or ones they feel will not retaliate back. Karate is designed to alleviate the assumption of you being the underdog. Our instructors are highly trained and skilled in teaching students by using this proven process of training.

11. All of our instructors go through a grueling process to certify not only their ability as a martial artist but their teaching skills as well. Our average instructor has over 10 years of teaching experience and over 5000 teaching hours. It is required that any of our students who reaches the level of black belt, must remain with their immediate instructor for a minimum of 3 years as an assistant instructor to gain quality experience before they can move on to owning their own school. Our instructors have to also acquire certification as an instructor before they are authorized to teach a class solo.

12. Absolutely, not only do our schools offer a free one day trial lesson, but you can get a full trial week for as little as $25.00. This price may vary at various locations, so call first to be sure that the mentioned price is offered at the location of your preference.

13. Yes, all of our facilities are equipped to train adult men, women and children from ages 4 years old to 75 years of age. We also have programs for special needs individuals.

14. Some of our facilities have several options in their martial arts program. Some are Non-contractual, Contractual, Low income and etc. However, the price will vary based on the program you choose and how many days you wish to train per week and how many individuals you wish to enroll. Some of our programs have a basic package which includes basic training equipment for purchase and some have complete plans which includes all of the necessary equipment you would need to complete a 1 year course. Therefore depending on your choice of program you desire will dictate whether or not you must sign a contractual agreement. Most contracts in our organization are for a period of only 1 year.

15. Our foundation stems from Shuri Okinawa out of the school of Geshin Funokoshi which emphasized low stances and quick hands. However, it was brought to this country by Grandmaster Robert Trias and the changes he made to the art Americanized it to a form of style called Shorei-Goju Karate. From that, Grandmaster Jones created a newer style of karate consisting of checking, grabbing, sweeping, and controlling an opponent's balance. It then was revised to a more scientific system of defense by Grandmaster Ben Peacock by reverse engineering the Shorei-Goju system into a system of approach analysis. This system's design is based more on the mechanics of human movement and the 4 levels of defense rather than manipulating an opponent via physical contact.

16. Yes, just the study of the USGKS system alone will help you to focus more and to concentrate more efficiently. However, the training process will not only elevate your focusing ability but enhance your character, confidence, self esteem, and other valuable quality attributes which will affect your behavior in a greater positive manner. Mentally, it will enhance your instincts and redirect them into a superior initializing mechanism or in other words it will increase your reaction time. You will increase in balance, endurance and give up many vices that could be detrimental to your health. Karate fixes more than just your ability to ward off assailants.

17. Nothing, it's simply time for you to become the parent and start directing your son toward things you feel will benefit him in the long run and don't make it an option for him. You make him eat his vegetable because you know it's good for him and you also make him go to school because it will make him more competitive in the job market. You make him take a bath, clean his room, put away his toys and so on which I know are things he may also not like. Until he's 18 years of age, there should be no choices for him because he hasn't lived long enough to gain any life experience to be making any life decisions on his own even if he is the subject of the decision. Sometimes hard love as they call it is the only way to protect our offspring's. When you put him into one of our programs, we will take care of the rest. You see, I didn't take karate because I liked it either, I took it because I needed it to survive the streets of Chicago. You'll never know when someone out there is ready to assault him. The time is now to start preparing for it before the dark cloud start to form!

18. Yes, however, you have to qualify to be trained in weaponry in our system.

19. Yes, we will check his behavior and devise a plan to redirect his mannerism. It cannot be done in karate training alone. What we do here has to be followed through at home. Most times children's behavior stems from relationships they have at school or in the neighborhood or relatives that are unaware of their behavior when around the child. Therefore, these things and occurrences have to be carefully monitored and checked when they are in his presence either directly or indirectly. Most times, if you catch these issues before the child is 13 years of age, they can be fully turned around and be pointed in a more favorable direction of behavior. From my experience, 13 years old is considered the point of no return, but is still salvageable. At that point a new focus for the child must be found or created as to redirect their energy away from what is now considered embedded behavior.

20. Yes! However, you have to fill out the proper documents with the state in order for our program to be approved by them for payments.

21. Yes! That is possible but not very probable. You see, it takes three main elements to come together to make that happen. You must have great motivation and dedication, a good quality instructor and a program that has a documented curriculum and class schedule that can provide that type of time line. Without all of those elements happening, then you may expect your completion to black belt in maybe 5 to 7 years or as much as 7 to 10 years of training, depending on how the program is setup.

22. No! Not even a black belt is allowed to teach our classes unless they are properly certified as an instructor. Just because an individual has a black belt isn't enough to assume they are qualified to teach a class. We take teaching seriously. However, we do allow children or adolescent individuals to lead our exercise periods under the observation of a certified black belt instructor. We allow this because self esteem cannot be acquired by reading a book or by martial arts training alone, but through personal experience. Leading the exercise period instills discipline, focus, confidence, character and courage in a child, which is more than half the battle we face in martial arts training. Martial arts is 90% mental and only 10% physical, therefore, when you see a school that always have an adult black belt delegating every process of training, then they are ignoring the seven virtues of the samurai which necessary in acquiring and accomplishing true martial arts training experience.

23. Because if we did, it would no longer be a system but a free for all. For example, if you had an automobile that ran off or regular gasoline and you allowed someone to put diesel gasoline in the tank, then you would totally destroy the entire system and it would take a lot of time and effort to fix and correct the problem.

24. No! Shorei-Goju emphasizes the ability to out maneuver and out fight the opponent whereas Universal Shorei-Goju stresses an approach to engagement and emphasizes preventing an opponent from having the ability to fight you.

25. There are 3 main reasons : 1. You are showing disrespect for an area we hold so deeply for the enhancement of our body. 2. Shoes could carry bacteria and other elements that could enter the bare feet of our students and cause severe and critical health problems as Dog feces may contain parvovirus, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, threadworms, campylobacteriosis, giardia, and coccidia. If left unattended, these parasites will contaminate the water, soil, and can even cause infection in both pets and humans (especially children). The microscopic Hookworm larvae can be passed to another pet or person directly through the skin or by accidental ingestion as can other bacteria. The 3rd reason is shoes can also carry glass and rocks that can be released on the training area and damage the mats, floors and also the students. Therefore, these hazards can be avoided if people would be more considerate of the vulnerability they place others in when they defile any training area with their street shoes.

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