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Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System Kata Form Styles

We believe in perfection, and to accomplish that goal, we need to instill that belief into our students as to redirect the doubts that they accumulate through life experiences and redirect them back as small challenges they must over come in order to obtain the enlightenment of being skilled and in command of their own body. Kata forms are used to sharpen several attributes in the martial arts defensive mechanism. It serves to synchronize the body and mind into a unit of oneness, while cultivating the the spirit into a doubtless entity of motion. Kata form helps with targeting or seeing actions that are occurring within seconds of being initiated. It teaches the body to properly respond to those actions to either defend itself or evade the projection or projections approaching or to do absolutely nothing at all. Kata form teach its practitioner how to move and navigate energy through the body while controlling that energy in a way to make it a tool that can be disbursed in a variety of directions or into a single point of focus. The stances are formed in a manner to strengthen the legs as audible sounds are linked with movement to strengthen the stomach area or the core to cultivate air as also a power source. Kata form may be executed in a low impact fashion to a high impact of execution. Each level of execution is necessary to harmonize the entire body into a single unit of power. We do not view kata form as merely an exercise for demonstration, but an exercise to connect our internal forces and resources into pillars of an immobile foundation.

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