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Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System Kata Exercise Format

Katathenics is a term coined by Shujin Master Ben Peacock when asked what he did to stay in shape after the onset of his critical condition he incurred a few years back. His answer..."I Katathenics". The name caught on within his organization and is now copyrighted and registered as a Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System phrase. However, Master Peacock has designed it into a program that can be used by anyone, especially with medical conditions and injuries. He says "Katathenics can be executed on all three levels of exercise, depending on your condition and what you're capable of doing". You can execute KATATHENICS at a low impact phase, medium or high impact exercise. The main thing is that it requires you to use every part of your body to execute the moves thereby elevating your heart rate into a cardio type function, while building other muscles and at the same time stretching others. One of the real advantages of KATATHENICS is it demands you maintain proper bone alignment. Bone alignment helps correct body posture and align the spine thereby reducing pain and discomfort caused by body frame misalignment. KATATHENICS is a great program to add to any exercise or weight loss program. Like all exercises, consult your physician first, before actually starting the program or come into our main office in Lincoln Mall in Matteson, Illinois and ask one of our consultants or black belts. No, you don’t have to know or have formal martial arts training to participate in this exercise program as it is designed to simply get you moving and provide low impact to high impact cardio workouts. You simply follow the instructors lead and commands as the exercise initiates the sweat process which will be a mixture featuring stretches, bends, squats, twists and so on that will tone all of your muscle categories. Katathenics is a Universal Shorei-Goju karate service mark and you will find it no where else. You will be taught authentic kata forms from Japan and they will be orchestrated and manipulated to give you the physical results you’re looking for in a low impact to high impact exercise. After learning the kata forms, you will be able to raise the impact of the form as you please by speeding it up or using snapping motions to add muscle resistance and tension to your workout. Katathenics gives you the control in deciding the impact level you want to work at. You can either raise or lower the cardio level you wish to engage in know matter when you’re exercising. Katathenics makes exercise more personal as you have the helm in deciding how much, how hard, how long or how vigorous you wish to exercise. It also aids in bone alignment awareness and spinal corrections which helps reduce pain and discomforts you may have. Bone alignment knowledge is key to the Katathenics program as it shows you how to align your body frame while in motion.  This is not a Karate Program

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