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Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System

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In Honor of Grandmaster James A. Jones Jr.

For Years, I've seen individuals honored after their death and then primarily forgotten. This is my tribute to Grandmaster James A. Jones Jr., for many reasons he probably don't know or is even aware of. However, I felt that there was no way to repay him for the guidance he's given me over the course of my life. For one, he taught me the martial arts that I know today, which sort of took me to the top of the food chain, so to speak, along with giving me the tools to make myself marketable as to use my skills to open my own business and give back to others needing the guidance I craved when I started in this field. He gave me the insight to understand how to fit martial arts to my needs, size and mentality as to extend his creation of me into one of my own by driving me to design and create my own martial arts system. He treated me like I was his son, taking me all over the country to compete in tournaments and to see cities, places, people and things I probably would not have seen or visited were it not for him. He also restricted my desires and temptations as to not allow me to drink alcohol, smoke or stay out late nights running the streets.

Although he was not with me at all times, he instilled a strict teaching of honor, respect and appreciation of others that flowed into my private life like a river from a mountain top. Reminding me not to disgrace my father's image as a member of the Clergy. Even if others don't appreciate Grandmaster Jones on several levels, I cannot forget the man who practically raised me from the age of 17 years of age until now. He demanded I finish college and that I attend business college and to never stop improving on my skills and talents, no matter what they were. He advised me through some of my marriages concerning problems that occurred relating to my children and their survival. Regardless of how others feel about him, I have a respect for him that travels deeper than my loyalty to him and a love for him that burns perpetually in my heart for this man who took the time to mentor me in every aspect of my life and in the martial arts until I became my own man. I will continue to add to his shrine which now is displayed proudly in my dojo for him to personally see that my honor, respect, loyalty and love for him exists now, and does not carry any shame, while he's alive. At times we do disagree with each other, but it will never lead to isolation or rejection of him. Thank You Grandmaster Jones! You've been more than just a martial arts instructor to me.

Shujin Master Ben Peacock


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