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Universal Shorei-Goju Karate System Sparring Form Styles

When you believe you have perfected your skills and techniques in karate, it has to be challenged or tested when you feel you have accomplished the task. Therefore, confrontations are designed in a controlled manner to test the power and synchronization of your techniques and how well you can use and execute them when under pressure or stress. These skill sometimes will cause minor injuries or major injuries, depending on the intensity of the evaluation, if the practitioner fails to properly exercise to build the body up in a manner to resist the impact or impacts it will receive from the evaluation. The control we exhibit is so profound that karate is one of the skilled combat exercises that records the least amount of major injuries. This is why it is critical to train with precision and focus as to not injure yourself or your partner. Sparring is an exercise where combatants clash with each other in intervals of a few seconds for a period of two to three minutes. A fairly trained karate-ka can execute over eight to ten full powered techniques on another individual in less than five seconds. When this level of execution becomes a reality, then perfection of not only the technique is critical but also perfection of the control necessary to prevent injury to your partner. Although the battle may be intense, it is not a battle of emotion but a gauge of how well can one combatant land controlled blows on another without them being deflected, blocked or off target. Sparring then become an art of inches and seconds, and whoever has the most inches or seconds on their side usually wins. For instance, if a combatant misses his opponent by on inch then the technique could have been thrown a mile away and rendered the same results of not landing the blow. The same can be said if the combattant misses their opponent by one second, then the results would be of zero effect. So, making contact with control over the technique is the only way to properly analyze the effectiveness of the technique. If you purposely miss the opponent, then the opponent may feel that you did not or could not hit them because they avoided, deflected or blocked the technique. Therefore, to properly train in the art of karate, the hit must be made with control of course as to fully analyze the effectiveness of the technique or techniques.

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