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Steppers University

Tres Circles School of Karate & Physical Fitness, Inc.

Step into the world of Chicago Stepping and broaden your horizon to new adventures in music and dance as you and your partner investigate set after set showing creatively crisp steps and moves you learned from Yvette and Timothy. Gain confidence no matter where you go by attending our lessons every Wednesday night from 6:45pm to 8:45pm for only $15.00 per person. You will reap the value of your small investment when you show your stuff on the floor with flow, agility and creative movements while at the same time fully enjoying your mate or partner. Both Timothy and Yvette are champion step dancers and therefore can lead you to victory if you decide to compete with your talent. There's an old saying we use in karate, "You can't take anyone somewhere you've never been before." Therefore since Timothy and Yvette have both been champions before, they know exactly the road you'll need to take to get there. So come on, dust off the heels and brush off your hat and let's step to where ever you want to go. Steppin' changes from state to state but the Chicago Steppin Style has made participants of steppin' very jealous from coast to coast. Grab a partner or bring a friend or someone else's partner or friend and let's step. Classes are filling fast and the space is limited, so don’t miss this opportunity to learn Chicago Steppin’ in a championship mode while the space is available. Steppin’ can be an outlet for you and your partner when you have available time to bond additionally with each other. It can be used as a surprise or gift to a partner, friend or neighbor you wish to impress or present a gift of graditude for a task, mission or chore they did for you. There is no question that regardless of how dances change and evolve, steppin’ will always remain the choice of most mature and elderly individuals or groups. You might as well learn from the best if you’re going to invest in a dance course, so come our way and you will see you’ve made one of the best choices of your life!

Our classes have elevated to three phases, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Therefore, if you wish to become a part of this experience, secure your spot immediately as our classes are filling fast and we have limited space. Although we would like everyone to have first hand experience in working with, training with and being taught by our staff, we have to generate a waiting list in order to accommodate them. So, if you want to avoid our waiting list, we would advise you to register immediately and secure your spot in our university.

We have ample instructors, male and female to enhance your experience and enjoyment in learning one of the most revolutionary dance concept in the history of dancing. Steppin' is not just a dance presently, it's an art that is displayed limitlessly though the broad spectrum of the mind. However, you have to understand its concept in order to propergate the experience properly and fundamentally. We have the experts capable of doing just that. Come see for yourself as the visual will become your reality.

Visit our main office and our training locations throughout the metropolitan Chicago and suburban areas, for more information on locations, refer to our directory.

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